If you would like us to consider your work for inclusion within RSPB Images, please read the following information and instructions carefully before making your initial submission.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for original, high quality digital content that does not duplicate the stock we already hold. So firstly have a thorough look through the RSPB Images website and assess how your images would fit in and complement our existing stock

We are particularly interested in the following subjects:

  1. UK biodiversity - mammals, insects, plants, reptiles
  2. UK marine species - underwater photography rather than subjects in tanks
  3. People and the natural environment - leisure and health activities, education, children enjoying the natural world, farming, research work, the rural economy (the images must be fully model released)
  4. Environmental issues - green transport, green energy, building on green / brown field sites, flooding, drought, hose pipe bans
  5. Strong seasonal images

Additionally, we have set technical specifications to fulfill the expectations of our clients so please ensure your original files will meet these requirements before sending your initial submission. Click here to view the Digital Image Specifications.

As an agency, we prefer to represent images on an exclusive basis in the UK and so ideally, we do not want to see images that are represented by other picture libraries.

All our photographers are expected to abide by The Nature Photographers' Code of Practice, produced by The Nature Group of The Royal Photographic Society. You will be responsible for ensuring that all licensing requirements are met. For further advice and to obtain a licence, please refer to Natural England where you will find additional links under 'General licences' covering requirements for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Click here for directions on how to apply to become a contributor to RSPB Images